Why we made the photographers on-boarding process a fun experience

Wondering why there was this little robot taking you through each steps of creating your photographer profile ?

Personally, filling forms drive me crazy, I think it’s boring and overwhelming. If there is one thing that we don’t want KYMA to be is a hassle!

After discussions with several people and our experience from the beta version of KYMA, we realised our sign up process for photographers sucked. After some research on making it better, we stumbled upon two things:

– a great survey company called Typeform that has a pretty amazing user experience and thus make sure filling a form is fun.
– the signup process of momentum chrome extension ( a personal dashboard as a landing page for chrome – highly recommended).
Those 2 discoveries sparked many new ideas for us to design a unique experience for the photographers joining KYMA.

To have an approved profile on KYMA a photographer needs to provide quite a bit of info. From basic profile info, to websites, photo shoot packages proposed and portfolio, it is pretty easy to get lost and drop out. Since we didn’t want our photographers to be overwhelmed we decided to break it down in chunks to make it dead simple. With our team of amazing designers we prepared every step in advance and removed all the fluff we could to keep it short & simple. We then made sure that Kybot would be ok with helping every photographer signing up. With his OK, we instructed him to take the new photographers through the process of becoming an approved photographer in the KYMA’s community.

Photographers, curious about what it looks like, if you haven’t already joined us (what?!), take a journey with Kybot and become a part of why KYMA is awesome.

Photopraphers, this way please: hit the join button.