Why You Should Get A Photoshoot In Santorini

guide photoshoot in santorini greece

If you’re planning on traveling to Santorini, Greece, the one thing you will regret after it is over, no matter how hard you try, is not being able to take more and/or better quality pictures.

The island is literally a non-stop pleasure cruise for the senses.  It’s just not fair to expect yourself or those who are accompanying you to be able to faithfully capture the beauty of Santorini without a professional eye.

Shine bright like a diamond

guide photoshoot in santorini greece
Photography by Sotiris Tsakanikas, photographer in Greece

The biggest problem with capturing the glory of Santorini is managing the bright contrast levels that turns every picture into a blinding glow of sun rays and the iconic white scaffolding that makes up the accommodations.  You can manage it somewhat with the adjustments available on your digital camera or phone, but without the magic of post-production, it’s still difficult for outsiders to get the full scope of Santorini’s beauty.  Obviously, there’s no substitute for being there in person, but a local photographer on Santorini can truly turn your trip into a fairy tale.

Taming the island’s beauty

photoshoot guide in santorini greece
Photography by Theodoros Chliapas, photographer in Santorini, Greece

At first blush, when you are deciding on hiring someone to do a photo session on Santorini for your trip, it may seem like an extravagant expense, for some.  Considering how dirt-cheap it is now to vacation in Greece, the extra few hundred dollars to pay for a professional photographer is really cheap icing on the cake, and in many cases provides a value that there is no substitute for.

What to look for before you hire

photographers in santorini greece for photoshoots
Photography by Theodoros Chliapas, photographer in Santorini, Greece

There is a growing demand for these vacation photographers over the past few years, you will find companies that connect travellers with their own pre-selected local photographers, or you can search for them yourself and conduct your own interviews to find the right fit.  We usually recommend hiring a photographer in Santorini with a package including time & images delivered – those are easy to understand and help you understand what you will get out of your photoshoot. Consider them for engagement sessions, family pictures, honeymoons, proposals, pre-weddings and more.

Don’t focus too much on the lowest prices, as the most important is for you to love the pictures!

Adding it all up

Having your own private photographer in Santorini is a great way to secure your trip as a memorable and productive vacation.  Finding someone who knows the island, knows how to frame all the beautiful sides of it’s famous windmills, pearlescent waters, and dramatic cliffs is hard to put a real dollar value on, especially if you don’t know when you will be able to revisit such a magical place like Santorini again.