Who is KYBOT ?

– Kai-who? 
– Kybot

kybot - robot for kyma

Let’s introduce KYBOT.
Kybot is a friendly robot created by our overworked crazy brains while developing KYMA – his purpose is to help you on KYMA. I don’t know about you but personally, as a photographer, entrepreneur and geek I receive tons of emails per day and most of them are very impersonal and boring. We thought the best way to make transactional emails (basically any emails not rewritten by a human at the time it is being sent – read more here) a bit more human-friendly would be to give it a face & its own voice. That’s what we did – hello Kybot !

When will you meet Kybot?
– When you sign up as a photographer you will go through the whole journey with him – he will be there to ask you the right questions to create an amazing photographer profile on KYMA.
– Any emails you need to receive such as: photo shoot requests, photo shoot confirmations, updates on your booking, etc… will be sent by Kybot.
– On random occasions when he is wandering on KYMA’s pages.
– When you search for your perfect photographer in Paris or anywhere else in the world.

Can you speak to him?
Yes, when you get an email signed by Kybot you can reply to him! But fear not, a real human will get back to you since Kybot is not that smart – yet.