What’s new on KYMA?

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Hello ,

We listened to your feedbacks and now we are releasing the new version. As you might have realised KYMA just changed completely! Let’s review together what is new and what you have to do to make your profile amazing.

New public pages design

Photographers understand the importance of the visuals maybe more than others. Although the first version was nice to start helping photographers and clients work together, your feedbacks were clear that you wanted something more visual that could represent better your brand. We listened to you and here it is a brand new design for the whole site. Have a look around and enjoy.

New dashboard design

Yes, your dashboard has changed too! It is much easier to navigate, more mobile friendly and has a lot of great tools for photographers & clients alike to organise perfectly their photo shoot. We have a series of mini videos for photographers to understand how it works. Check it out.

Photographer’s Profiles

It looks 1000% times better than it used to.
– Big cover photo for each photographer. People love to see beautiful photography in BIG. The cover photo is the best way to give a real feel of a photographer’s brand when they reach your profile page.
– The filtered portfolio: Photographers, we added a grid with your portfolio right on your profile page. People can filter the different types of sessions and see your work.
– The photo shoot packages proposed: right here, more visual, clear cards with what the photographer proposes for photo shoots. Easier for people to see the options and decide which one to go for.
– Reviews: still there and will always be! Remember those are all trusted reviews of past clients who used KYMA to book their photographer – no fake review & spam accounts!
– Photographers, we recommend you to head to your dashboard and choose your cover photo the categories of your images.

Photo Shoots Proposed

Photographers, we improved the way you create photoshoots packages from your dashboard and what you can propose in them. You can now:
– Choose from different cancellation policies that will apply automatically for the package you select it for.
Add your own agreement: you can now create agreements templates that you attach to a photo shoot package. Define in them for example the type of editing done to the pictures, the maximum delivery time, what to do in case of outdoor shoot and rain etc… No need to add a cancellation policy thought, you are using the ones proposed by KYMA.
– Add a specific description to each package: a quick note for your clients to see. What can be done within the time you set and if it includes more. As an example, if you shoot couples in a city you could write “can shoot in up to 3 locations during that time, transport included”.
– Delivery time for the client’s pictures. This might be the most asked question from clients: “when do we receive the picture?”. We included it in the packages creation – let your people know how soon they can enjoy your talent.

Photo Shoots PlanNing

Planning photo shoots can have a lot of moving parts. We included as much info as possible for photographers and clients alike to have all the information they need.
Upcoming photoshoots:
– You can review all the information regarding your future photo shoots there.
– Photographers, you can add a meeting point address for your client – he will be notified when you do that.
– Photographers, you can add private notes – just for you – to remember important details for this shoot. Those will then be sent to you with a photo shoot reminder.
– Clients, you can view the meeting point your photographer added. We will also send it in a reminder.
– All the details for a shoot are visible at any time in your dashboard.
The messaging system has been improved a been too. We’ll let you explore.

Invite your friends

Last but not least, let’s share the love. Send $10 to your friends and receive $10 back when they book. Help your friends keep their memories alive too! Get your link in the invite friends section of your dashboard.

That’s about it for now !

We want to thank all the people for helped us make it happen and gave us feedbacks during the tests.

ps: don’t worry if you see a robot floating around, we’ll introduce him to you very soon! He is harmless and here to help you.