How much does a photoshoot in Paris or Rome really cost

Paris Photo Shoot Price Eiffel Tower

What is the price of a photoshoot in Paris or Rome ? The question everyone looking for a photographer has had to answer.

When searching for a photographer to plan a photo shoot in Paris or a photo shoot in Rome one might get confused by prices. Photographer’s prices vary a lot based on who they are, what they offer and the local market.

Couple photoshoot in Rome by Fabio Schiazza on KYMA
Photography by Fabio Schiazza

Let’s discover what influences the prices:

1- The photographer’s talent. A photographer’s talent comes from honing his craft shooting everyday and continuously improving through learning. Just like for anything else in this world, the better the photographer is the more expensive he will be.
2- What’s trending. The latest collection is always the most expensive one and it is the same in photography. Photographers trending and offering the current style will usually be more expensive.
3- The deliverables. From 5 photographs delivered to over 40 per hour depending on the photographer. We listed this last because you should choose first the photographer based on which style of photography you like and when you save your favorite photographers you can start comparing deliverables but not before!

Price Couple photo session in Paris - Antoine Monfajon
Photography by Antoine Monfajon

So how much can you expect to pay for you photo session in Rome or Paris with you photographer in Rome or your photographer in Paris? (Paris & Rome are very similar, for the purpose of this article let’s continue with Paris)

One hour Paris photoshoot :
On average, count from 270€ to 350€ for an hour long photo session in Paris. An hour allows you to cover 1 location in Paris. Think of it as the basic package. Photographers usually don’t recommend going for less than an hour shoot because it takes time for people to get comfortable in front of the camera. Stopping the shoot just when you are getting warmed up would be a shame.

Two hours Paris photoshoot:
Count from 450€ to 600€ on average. The number of images delivered can vary from 30 to 60. Expect to be able to cover 2 locations in Paris. More would mean rushing them and losing time in transport. You might find some photographers charging more than the average given but as explained a photographer’s name also has a price.
Based on our reports, 2 hours is the most popular option when booking a photoshoot in Paris.

Three hours Paris photo shoot:
Between 600 and 750€ on average. Number of images delivered varies from 40 to 100. 3 hours of photo shoot in Paris is perfect for covering 3 locations in depth. Paris has a lot of locations that are within walking distance from each others, the walk actually makes a really nice scene to shoot casual pictures.

Four hours and more:
750€ and more. Perfect for pre-wedding pictures in the most iconic places of Paris. Four hours is perfect for people looking at changing several times dresses and exploring the locations in depth. The more time, the more creative you can be with your photographer.

Last words, don’t get tempted by photographers too cheap or free photo shoots. If you are looking for beautiful artwork it generally comes with a price. Think of your photographer as an aesthetic surgeon crafting your memories in Paris. Don’t get average to bad looking memories, pay a bit more and get amazing photographs from your trip in the most beautiful cities in the world.