What you are doing wrong on your photographer’s website

photographers website best practice

Discover what you are doing wrong on your photographer’s website.

Best practices & do not do list for a great photographer website: what we learned from reviewing hundreds of photographer’s websites.

On KYMA, every photographer is manually approved to ensure trust and safety for clients. Throughout the process we see every photographer’s websites and thus have seen many great ones and not so great ones too. Today we are sharing with you what makes a great website and what breaks one.


  • Have music play automatically on your photographer’s website: people don’t know where it is coming from, it’s intrusive and makes most want to leave instantly.
  • Start with a massive block of text: You’re a photographer, show your amazing work first, that’s what people came for.
  • Have a 1998 style website: it’s 2016, get your site updated & revamped. If you’re site is that old, chances are high that your photography style is too.
  • Not Responsive: in 2015 mobile browsing went over desktop browsing – don’t leave those people out. Also, you get penalized by search engines if your site is not mobile friendly.
  • No about section / no name: people hire people! Tell them who you are, write down your name and your bio.
  • Mix 20 styles on one page: consistency is key, clients hire for a particular style, show them what’s yours by being consistent with your portfolio.
  • Mix shooting types on the same site: create a subdomain or categories but make sure you filter. Don’t show food photography next to weddings and pets and the same page. People come for you to do one photography job at a time, they are rarely interested in your food photography when they are getting married.
  • Display low resolution pictures: you’re a photographer, show them amazing images. Upload high quality images. Add a nice watermark if you are afraid of your pictures being re-used.
  • Full resolution pictures: on the other extreme, no need to upload 24MP images on your website. It makes your site super slow to load. Shrink the size and upload lighter pictures. Here is a great tool called Image Optim to compress images super fast.
  • Have your homepage be a collection of your 100 blog posts: this is madness, your homepage takes forever to load all your pictures and posts. People might end up confused and leave before ever seeing your work.
  • The big (ugly) watermarks: we get it, you want to protect your images from being re-used, but that’s no reason for spoiling your beautiful artwork by a watermark all across the image.
  • No starting price: don’t waste your time replying to people who are not your client. Add a starting price to skim the milk.

At the end of the day, brainstorm on why people come to your website and serve them on a golden plater what they are looking for: a great photographer that creates beautiful images, can be trusted (has good reviews), is easily reachable (contact) and will fit within the budget ($).

Thankfully it’s not 1998 anymore and creating beautiful (decent at least) websites has never been easier. As a photographer you have several options:
– WordPress (highly customisable, free and already powers 25%+ of all the internet. Downside, you will need to get geeky to create it alone.)
– Specialised sites for photographers like: Smugmug, Weebly, Squarespace, Zenfolio, etc.. (drag and drop style, super easy to set up and manage)
– Custom built from scratch – just kidding ! Don’t do that!

Time to get to work if you’re guilty of some of those!

Feel free to share great resources in the comments.

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