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Working With A Photographer In Venice, Italy

What should you know before you hire a photographer in Venice?

Hiring a photographer in Venice, Italy for a photo shoot may be just the thing to capture unforgettable memories right here in The Floating City.

It is not easy to hire a photographer in your community, how much more when you are somewhere else, say, in a foreign land such as Venice?

Whether it is for your Venetian wedding or for a vacation photo shoot in Venice to remember, here is a great guide you can use to find a great photographer.

BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. Where should you begin to look for your Venice photographer? Here are a few ideas.

photographer venice romantic photo shoot
Photography by By Venice Photographer Olga

Naturally, the first thing people do when they need a Venice photographer or anywhere, for that matter is to look online. Naturally, there will be billions of search results, and it will be up to you to narrow down the search into something productive. The thing is, even if you do browse through some of the websites that photographers in Venice have, there is no sure way to tell whether they speak English or not unless you call them and talk to them personally. Basing your final choice on their portfolio wouldn’t be an issue in your own country. However, with a language barrier, there is so much more to choosing the right photographer than meets the eye.

There are photographer directory sites that list down all the available photographers in Venice as well as reviews from past bookers. Doing this will help you create a shortlist after looking through the prices and the portfolio, all organized into one easy-to-navigate reference page.

You can also look through various Venice photographs on Instagram if you are a big IG fan. You will find the most active users on IG and even get a look-see into the comments to see whether they are popular with the fans or not. Get in touch with them through private message and check to see whether or not they speak English and what their prices are like.

LOOK BEFORE YOU BOOK. What to find out before you make your final booking

romantic photo shoot venice
Photography by By Venice Photographer Olga

Do all the photographers in your short list speak English? English is not the first language spoken in Venice, Italy. For this reason, make sure that the photographer you are interested in speaks English, as this will cut communication time in half. Especially if you have specific ideas for a Venice photo shoot.

How long will the photo shoot in Venice take and how long to deliver? If you have deadlines to meet and business deals to make, it is important to stay on the same page as your photographer regarding time limits. In other words, be clear about when the pictures need to be delivered and make sure he or she understands and agrees about the dates of delivery.

Is his or her style consistent? If the photographer’s portfolio looks like it was done by five different people, the end-results may be confusing. It takes years to come up with a consistent style. You will have better chances of success for your photo shoot Venice if you know exactly what the photographer’s style happens to be. There really shouldn’t be any guesswork involved.

How long will a photo shoot Venice take? If you are planning to hold photo shoots in different locations in Venice, how long is it going to take, including transport time? The last thing you want is to spend the majority of the day traveling. Decide on what transportation is going to be used and whether or not this will cost extra. Ask whether or not it is possible to change your outfit on some of the shoots. Being clear and staying on the same page as your photographer is the key to a very successful photo shoot in Venice.

THE BEST KEPT SECRET SPOTS IN VENICE. Your photographer will know the best locations in The Floating City for your photo shoot.

photo shoot in venice
Photography by By Venice Photographer Olga

In Venice, when hiring a photographer, be prepared to discover secret spots in Venice that most tourists do not know about. Your photographer may guide you to where the best shots in Venice can be taken since this is their area of expertise.

GOOD REVIEWS FROM PAST CLIENTELE. Know all there is to know about your potential photographer by checking to see what others have to say.

Photographer in Venice on KYMA - Kinga Leftska
Photography by Kinga Leftska, wedding and engagement photographer in Venice, Italy

For first timers, hiring a Venetian photographer can be scary. You might want to read the feedback and reviews of the photographer in Venice you are planning to hire from his or her past clients. Not only will you know what to expect from your photographer when you read the reviews, but you will also check to see what kind of photo shoot Venice experience to expect. Clients tend to share their own experiences in reviews, and this comes in very handy for first-time customers.


venice photographer
Photography by By Venice Photographer Olga

Since you will be working together, it is important that you and your final-choice-photographer get along very well. You need to understand each other, be on the same page and be friendly with each other throughout the photo shoot. After all, this is a joint-project, so having similar mindsets are going to be very important. You don’t have to be BFF’s for life, but you do need to feel as if this person is someone who understands what you want and is there to help deliver it to you.


When an offer seems too good to be true, and the price of a photographer in Venice appears to be a steal, this is a red flag that not everything may be as it seems. Make sure you select a trusted photographer with years of experience and feedback. The last thing in the world you want is to send money directly to a photographer only to get a cold shoulder in return. Avoid this by making a careful selection right from the start.


venice photographer
Photography by By Venice Photographer Olga

In Venice, a photo shoot might cost between two hundred and six hundred Euros. These are almost the same prices as photographers in Paris and Rome. Mainly, the prices will vary depending on how many pictures you need. Also, the photographer’s experience could affect the price.


photo shoot in venice italy
Photography by Olga Mufel, family and couples photographer in Venice, Italy

Anything is possible, including finding a free photographer in Italy. You might find photography or art students trying to build a portfolio who are more than willing to do a photoshoot for you for free. Of course, they may not have the same level of experience or quality as a professional that has been in the business for years. However, you will get the pictures for free or at the very least, and these will be very affordable.


photographer in venice
Photography by By Venice Photographer Olga

When it comes to a photo shoot, you can go as simple or as extravagant as you prefer. Are you going to be working with a stylist? If so, the stylist will be in charge of hair and makeup and will need to know the schedule and location of every shot.

Determine what time the shoot is to take place and where. If you are not going to be working with a stylist, make sure to bring all the clothing and accessories you plan to wear as well as extra makeup. Leave all your valuable items in the hotel safe, if possible, such as your passports, visas, fine jewelry, credit cards and cash. Only take with you what you will need on photo-shoot day.

photographer in venice pre wedding
Photography by Olga Mufel, family and couples photographer in Venice, Italy

The reason for this is that you will very busy navigating through every shooting location with all the clothes and accessories you have taken along with you that you may not have enough room left in your mind to think about the safety of your passport.

If you have hired a private car for the day, this may go a long way towards creating a more organized shoot, rather than hopping from one taxi to the next while carrying all the photo-shoot accessories. On the other hand, if your photo shoot does not involve a change of clothing, all you need to take is some cash for the taxi and for food, plus your makeup for touching up.

When looking for a photographer, being systematic and organized will help you find the best possible professional to work with, even if you are a tourist with a language barrier! After all, with all the available photographers for hire in The Floating City, you will be sure to find the perfect person to work with to attain a truly successful Venice photo shoot that exceeds all your expectations.

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