Photographer in Prague, Czech Republic

photographer in prague couple photoshoot with raifa

What should you know before hiring a photographer in Prague?

1. Where to look for a photographer in Prague?

– You could search online using buzz words like “photographer Prague” or “photo shoot Prague” and choose from the results. Keep in mind that the photographers you find might not speak English, which might make things difficult for you to book your perfect photo shoot.

– You can also search for your Prague photographer by checking out social media pages, especially those on Instagram. This is a great way for you to view past work of your potential Prague photographer.

– You can also choose to use a booking site like KYMA. The most efficient way to find a photographer and book the shoot. You can even read past reviews from previous clients. This is a great alternative to sending multiple emails back and further to inquire about pricing – and a very secure one in terms of payments.

photographer in prague couple photoshoot with raifa
Photography by Raifa Slota, photographer in Prague

2. Top Things You Should Check with Your Photographer in Prague before Booking:

– What language? It is important to keep in mind that not everyone speaks English around the world. It is important to make sure that your photographer speaks your language. It might seem like a minor detail, but this is a key to success from a photo shoot in Prague.

– How consistent is the style of the photographer you choose? Styles that are consistent are indicative of experience and knowledge. When looking at a photographer’s portfolio, you shouldn’t see a mixture of styles. Make sure it jumps out at you because it’s consistent and matches what you want in a photo shoot and a photographer.

– Will your photographer guide you through your photo shoot or let you navigate by yourself? It is important to establish just how hands on your photographer will be. This takes the ability to know yourself and how you act in front of a camera. If you feel that you know how to pose and be natural, there is less of a need for a photographer who is hands-on and prefers to pose. This allows you to book a photographer for your photo shoot Prague that is more journalistic in style. For first-timers, it is highly recommended to find a photographer who likes to give direction and pose.

– How soon after the shoot will you receive your photos? This is important to establish with your photographer prior to the photo shoot. Always make sure to express that you are looking for a quick turn around if you are.

– If you plan to go to several locations in Prague during your shoot make sure you organise with your photographer ahead of time which locations you will go to. The most ideal situation is to spend as little time getting from place to place as possible so that your session is not primarily taken up by travel.

– Make sure to check with your photographer if you intend to change outfits throughout the shoot. The likelihood of being able to do this varies depending on a number of places you wish to go to and how long the session is.

wedding photographer prague
Photography by Raifa, photographer in Prague

3. How to discover the best spots in Prague

The photographer you choose should be able to show you new and exciting places in the city of Prague. It is crucial to the quality of your photos that your photographer knows the best spots to optimize the results of your shoot.

photographer prague anniversary kyma
Photography by Raifa, photographer in Prague

4. What do the reviews say?

Booking a photographer in Prague can be difficult, especially if this is your first time. We recommend checking out the real trusted reviews of the photographer to hear from previous clients that everything went smoothly. People are usually quite detailed in their reviews, so this another opportunity for you to learn more about the photographer’s style.

prague photographer honeymoon photo shoot dana
Photography by Aneta Trajerova, Prague photographer

5. Befriend Your Photographer in Prague.

This might sounds odd, but it is imperative that you get along with your photographer. If your personalities match, the results of your shoot will be phenomenal.

photographer prague
Photography by Raifa, photographer in Prague

6. How to Avoid Scams and Bad Photographers.

Unfortunately, both situations exist. There is nothing worse than paying a deposit in advance and not having the photographer show up at the exact Prague location you gave them. This is a rare occurrence as photographers are not likely to put their reputation or work on the line, however it does happen. Using a booking site like KYMA will help to ease your mind. If for some reason your photographer doesn’t show, we will reimburse you 100% or find you a replacement immediately. The last thing you want to do is send money with no protection. KYMA has you covered.

portrait photographer in prague for a photoshoot
Photography by Raifa Slota, photographer in Prague

7. How much does your photographer in Prague cost?

This will vary based on experience and number of images. We have multiple articles detailing this information for other cities that you can read right on our site. However, the best way to get this information is to speak to your photographer directly.

photographer in prague couple photoshoot with raifa
Photography by Raifa Slota, photographer in Prague

8. What is the best way to find a cheap or free photographer in Prague?

There are plenty of student or amateur photographers who are willing to practice their art on those who are willing. Finding them might be difficult as they primarily work by word of mouth, however, the opportunity is out there. Keep in mind that the quality of your photos might be lacking in comparison to those of a real professional.

photographer prague anniversary kyma raifa
Photography by Raifa

9. How to organize a photo shoot with my photographer in Prague?

There are several articles on our site that can help guide you through this process. Don’t hesitate to read them. Also, keep in mind that allowing for an open communication with your photographer is essential to creating your dream Prague photo shoot.

With the information provided in this article, we hope that we have assisted you in your needs for a Prague photographer. We hope that you utilize KYMA to your utmost ability so that you are completely satisfied with your future photo shoot experience. Happy travels!