Paris Photographers Reviews

paris photographer reviews

How can Paris photographers reviews help you? The hardest part of planning a photo shoot in Paris is to decide what Paris photographer you want to hire.

So what it is most important element beside the pictures? We asked our amazing past clients and their decision process came down to two critical elements. 1/ the photography style & 2/ the Paris photographer reviews. You can dig more into all the elements you should be looking after when booking your Paris photographer on this Paris photographer guide.

Regarding your reviews for photographers in Paris it is CRITICAL to find HONEST & REAL reviews. Websites like Yelp, Google, Flytographer, TripAdvisor can all have fake or paid reviews and this is something you should keep in mind. Even more when some of those sites write the reviews themselves… Here at KYMA we took a different approach, from day 1 we decided we wanted all the reviews to be coming from past clients on KYMA with VERIFIED photo shoots bookings. What does it mean for you? Simply that every review you will find on a KYMA photographer’s profile is a REAL one from a REAL client. This is essential to keep that transparency and provide you with unbiased opinions from other clients.

Here are examples of review that our Paris photographers received. Go through them and feel free to check the Paris photographer’s profiles! Remember, the chemistry you will have with your photographer in Paris will be essential to get the most amazing souvenirs in Paris!

First in the search results you can see the number of reviews & the overall score.

paris photographer reviews

Then you can click on a photographer’s profile and for each, you find the detailed reviews of your Paris photographer. Here are a few examples of the best couples photographers in Paris.

Daniel Cojocaru:

daniel cojocaru paris photographer daniel cojocaru paris photographer


Antoine Monfajon:

antoine monfajon paris photographer antoine monfajon review photographer in paris

Gabi Alves:

gabi alves paris photographer
gabi alves review photographer in paris

Jacques Mateos:

jacques mateos paris photographer jacques mateos review photographer in paris

Linh Tran:

linh tran paris photographer linh tran reviews photographer in paris