Marc Lamey – Photographer Of The Month in Paris, France | January 2017

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New Year has arrived! We’d like to inspire you with a much more editorial type of photography artwork to start 2017. Let’s discover a new Paris photographer!

Marc Lamey is a self made fashion photographer in Paris, France. His photography artwork has been published and awarded an incredible amount of time. Let’s dive into his work!

Marc, what is the one thing you wish everyone knew about you but (almost) no one does?

Marc: I’m the best photographer in Paris, I like to freeze my models in the cold early morning in front of the Eiffel Tower and shooting with me is always super fun! (just kidding!)
Here is a picture of me shot by my models, they decided I had to go in front of the lens for once – thankfully I did not have to wear the same dress!

marc lamey portrait in paris
Photography by Marc Lamey, photographer in Paris
Where did you grow up?

Marc: I grew up in Marseille in the south of France; I spent the majority of my life there for more than 40 years before moving definitively to Paris

How did you get into photography?

Marc: By passion long time ago, i built my first camera; Then exercising wild animal photography for several years before moving to modeling less than 10 years ago; 

eiffel tower photographer fashion
Photography by Marc Lamey, photographer in Paris

How would you define your style & how did you develop it?

Marc: Probably by trying to get it right the first time. I try to really hard to pay attention to details and light to get the final result straight in the camera, I hate retouching! When I’m in a studio, I try to get pictures that can be interpreted in several ways.

What was the best photoshoot you’ve had so far?

Marc: The next one? 😉
It is very difficult to pin point the best photo shoot. So let’s then state one of the most published and recognized, a portrait part of my serie Woman,Water and colors: A woman face in a dark water. (See below)

What is your dream photoshoot and where?

Marc: I would love to travel one year to capture the beauty of people in their location in small rural areas;

portrait photographer paris marc lamey
Photography by Marc Lamey, photographer in Paris
Any advice for future clients who want you to work with you in Paris?

Marc: Just be patient, time is the only things that is limited in life.

What are your 3 favorite images ever? Could you tell the story for each one of them?


1. Audrey & the Fish
editorial studio photographer paris marc lamey
Photography by Marc Lamey, photographer in Paris

I love studio work, especially the kind of artwork that makes people frown. I started of series of Audrey (the model) with fishes but stopped it because an advertisement campaign against intensive fishing started posting women with fishes too. Not long after I realised I had not completed my own work and that I was not fully satisfied with one of the picture so I decided to reshoot that one. Here you go, Audrey with the fish in scarf.

2. An Eiffel Tower Story
editorial photographer paris eiffel tower
Photography by Marc Lamey, photographer in Paris

One of the most iconic picture of my series called “An Eiffel Tower Story”. The light is crystal clear and the model’s pose elegant yet dynamic creating the perfect effect for the floating dress. This is one of my top 20 artwork from this series that counts hundreds of them.

3. Melodine
portrait photographer paris marc lamey
Photography by Marc Lamey, photographer in Paris

One of my most iconic piece of art and surely the most published of all of them, from magazine covers to books and contests this image has made people speak! This is one of the photography that helped get my work better known and also got me a few awards. This piece comes from the series “woman, water and color”. The most impressive about that image is that it never went through retouching in Photoshop (or equivalent). The result is as is. On top of that, it was shot with simple flashes… here is a great example of “equipment helps but does not make everything”!

Thank you Marc!

It goes without saying that if you are looking for a fashion photographer in Paris Marc Lamey is your photographer! Head over to Marc’s KYMA profile to discover more of his artwork and availabilities.