The KYMA photographer’s badges are out!

KYMA Badges

The KYMA photographer’s badges have been released and you should care.

The whole KYMA team and I are super excited to announce that the KYMA badges have rolled out (apparently Kybot too)! But what are they & what do they look like?

The badges are only for approved photographers on KYMA.
Remember, each one of our photographers on KYMA has been handpicked and went through a manual approval process to propose only the best photographers.
Yes, we know, we have a lot of photographers and yes it took us quite a while if we add up all the hours!

While browsing the web, spot one of the following KYMA badges on a photographer’s website.
Click on it to know if the photographer has been approved by us – if yes it should link to their KYMA profile.
Now guess what?
You can organise your photoshoot securely through KYMA! Yay!

kyma photographer badge


Approved photographers reading, make sure to visit your personal badge page to grab yours.