Jaime Neto, Photographer Of The Month in Porto, Portugal | May 2017

photo shoot beach portugal by jaime neto

May has arrived and summer is almost there! We’re taking you South to Porto, Portugal for an interview with Jaime Neto.

Jaime Neto is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Porto, Portugal. Today Jaime shares with us his world of photography. Read the interview.

Jaime, what is the one thing you wish everyone knew about you but (almost) no one does?

Jaime: The love for pets. Our dog and four cats define a sense of love and joy that everyone should experience. Those who don’t have pets should try it one day.

photographer in porto portugal
Photography by Jaime Neto, Porto photographer
Where are you from ?

Jaime: I grew up in a small town, had a nice childhood and a nice family that supported all my dreams and beliefs. That helped me become the person I am today. I like being around nature and, as any guy, riding bikes and I have a special interest for photography and pets. I studied IT Engineering but there was still missing something. Next, I studied graphic design and I had a master’s degree in Multimedia. Then the first camera came and I’ve never stopped ever since. My daily job is in a University in the communication department, and I am responsible for the photography and video of the institution.

photographer jaime neto porto portugal
Photography by Jaime Neto, Porto photographer
How did you get into photography?

Jaime: I started with a professional course on photography. Then I worked with André Brito, a Portuguese fashion photographer known worldwide. I learned a lot by helping him in the sessions and post-production. I started by doing some event photography. Next, with the help of the girl of my life we start by doing our first wedding work. We realized quickly that we had we fell in love with the idea of telling the story of families, children, pets and couples we worked with. True love and happiness … all through our lens.

jaime neto photographer in portugal
Photography by Jaime Neto, Porto photographer

What is the most difficult part in becoming a professional photographer?

Jaime: Well, maybe the transition from a full time job (non photography) and the photography business as a dream job. The other issue is the all software/hardware that must be updated and involves costs.

photo shoot in porto portugal
Photography by Jaime Neto, Porto photographer
How would you define your style & how did you develop it?

Jaime: We have a clean and airy look. Most of all, we want to capture the genuine expressions and love from the people we work with. We believe that good photos come from good mood mixed by carefully chosen clothes in beautifully environments. Yes, beautiful people give good photos, but more importantly the happiness and well being is key! We like the challenge of capturing love and the personality of each other. Our style is inspired by film photography. We shoot film and digital to get true colors from photography.

photographer in porto
Photography by Jaime Neto, Porto photographer
What was the best photoshoot you’ve had so far?

Jaime: The best shoot is always the next one. We are always improving, we’re never 100% satisfied because we always want to get better and better.

porto photographer
Photography by Jaime Neto, Porto photographer
What is your dream photoshoot and where?

Jaime: We dream of two photo shoots: one in Greece, Santorini (note: read why you should get a photo shoot in Santorini) and another is a great mountain engagement shoot like Lake Dilon Colorado or the great ones in Nordic countries of Europe.

engagement photographer porto portugal
Photography by Jaime Neto, Porto photographer

Any advice for future clients who want you to capture their love in Porto?

couple photo shoot porto portugal jaime neto
Photography by Jaime Neto, Porto photographer

Jaime: Well, just be right on time to get the most of our time. Our main goal is that they get fun and enjoy the photoshoot. Don’t be afraid of being silly and crazy mixing great romantic gestures with genuine laughs. We love to capture those moments J. One more advice is to get special attention to clothing. Simple and clean style without loosing your own style.

If you are travelling to Porto in Portugal, head over to Jaime Neto’s profile to discover more of his work as a photographer in Porto and book a photo shoot with him! You won’t regret it!