How Photography shapes your feelings

photography makes you happy

Photography shapes the life you will remember. It embellishes your past memories and makes the small moments count the most.

Stop reading, close your eyes and remember 3 of the most joyful moments in your life. Picture them in details in your head, now blow up the image big and feel the emotions of that instant.

… come on, don’t be shy, do it!

maldives hand in hand photography

You’re back? Good,
What did that memory exactly started from when you initiated the process? An image? An image of an instant in your life?

For most of us, our cherished moments are remembered through a snapshot in our minds. It even might have been triggered by the visualization of a photograph that was taken that day. Just one photo has the magic ability to transform the smallest moments of our lives into immortal memories, full of the emotions from our past-lived experiences, allowing us to relive those moments again and again.

Isn’t that amazing?