Hello Photographer Of The Month !

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Today we’re introducing the photographer of the month!

What’s that all about ?

As you might have guessed this will be a monthly post (thus the name – surprising right?). We will select and interview a photographer from KYMA every month (join today if you are a photographer). The goal behind is for you, reader, to get to know better what’s in the head of an inspiring photographer. As a client it will inspire you get better pictures taken and as a photographer hopefully it will inspire your to always take your art to the next level.

The best photographers around the world are constantly looking for new creative ideas to keep their art at the best level. By interviewing a photographer each month we want to share this photographer’s story and, hopefully, inspire other photographers to better their craft or inspire clients to always look at hiring the best photographer.

As we are now in June, our first photographer of the month‘s post will be released soon!

You can also spot in the search results the photographer of the month easily thanks to the “featured” ribbon on his profile. He will also be first in the search results.

Enjoy & let us know if you have ideas for this monthly interview!

Want to get featured? Make sure you have a profile on KYMA ( or create one today ) and drop us a line, we’ll consider you 😉