The Truth About Free Photoshoots

xmas cookie for free photoshoot in paris

Ever seen some companies proposing “free photoshoots” in Paris, London, Rome? Well, guess what? It’s NOT free!

Sorry to break it to you but you will hardly ever find free photoshoots in cities like Paris, London or Rome, unless for promotional purposes such as a contest that offers a free photoshoot to the winner.

Beware if you ever see advertisement proposing you free photoshoots, read the small prints. A few companies are riding that wave and, truth be told, they will simply force you to buy a minimum amount of deliverables which basically makes it not free anymore.

Professional photographers that respect their own work won’t build his personal brand on free photoshoots (promotion put aside) nor work for a company who wants to advertisetheir services as “cheap” or “free”.

Remember what an old man used to say:

When you pay peanuts you get monkeys!

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