Kybot Gives You Smarter Search Results To Find The Best Photographer

Short but intense news regarding your photographer’s search!

Kybot searching for your photographer

Kybot has been upgraded and will now return smarter search results when looking for your perfect photographer.

His new role is to make sure that you find a photographer that can help you out – even if that photographer did not list the service you are looking for.
Kybot now knows that if photographers shoot weddings they might also be able to shoot a birthday or a couple session in the event no other photographer can cater to your needs. He will now propose you those alternative photographers that will be delighted to help you out!

Pretty exciting isn’t it ?! Well, Kybot thinks it is at least 🙂
Finding a photographer has never been easier!


The Truth About Free Photoshoots

Ever seen some companies proposing “free photoshoots” in Paris, London, Rome? Well, guess what? It’s NOT free!

Sorry to break it to you but you will hardly ever find free photoshoots in cities like Paris, London or Rome, unless for promotional purposes such as a contest that offers a free photoshoot to the winner.

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Over 300 cities and 50 countries in the world

Find a photographer in over 300 cities and 50 countries in the world

So just like that it happened last week, we now cover over 300 cities in 50 countries in the world ! We would like to thank our amazing photographers who joined the KYMA community. Big thank you also to our clients who trust KYMA for letting us help them find & book the best photographers around the world.

We built KYMA to help you find and easily book the best photographers around the world. Looks like people like the idea! We even had Pick & Pow feature KYMA and write an interview on me (in French). They even made this awesome graphic to show what KYMA does to the world!

find a photographer around the world with KYMA

Keep sharing KYMA with the world !

Thank you from the whole team!

How Photography shapes your feelings

Photography shapes the life you will remember. It embellishes your past memories and makes the small moments count the most.

Stop reading, close your eyes and remember 3 of the most joyful moments in your life. Picture them in details in your head, now blow up the image big and feel the emotions of that instant.

… come on, don’t be shy, do it!

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Why we made the photographers on-boarding process a fun experience

Wondering why there was this little robot taking you through each steps of creating your photographer profile ?

Personally, filling forms drive me crazy, I think it’s boring and overwhelming. If there is one thing that we don’t want KYMA to be is a hassle!

After discussions with several people and our experience from the beta version of KYMA, we realised our sign up process for photographers sucked. After some research on making it better, we stumbled upon two things:

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Why KYMA is getting a makeup lift

Hi there,

Yes, KYMA is about to change its design for good. The first version was far from perfect or beautiful, it was more practical than anything else. KYMA displays the amazing work of photographers around the world to help them book new clients. For us, the KYMA team, it felt like it was time to give the photographers what they deserved: a beautiful photographer profile page and nothing less.  After a tedious search of the perfect designers to help us honour our photographer’s work we decided to team up with Airnauts design team. Sebastian has done a great work at capturing the essence of KYMA and translating it into a beautiful visual experience.

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