Photographer in Venice

Working With A Photographer In Venice, Italy

What should you know before you hire a photographer in Venice?

Hiring a photographer in Venice, Italy for a photo shoot may be just the thing to capture unforgettable memories right here in The Floating City.

It is not easy to hire a photographer in your community, how much more when you are somewhere else, say, in a foreign land such as Venice?

Whether it is for your Venetian wedding or for a vacation photo shoot in Venice to remember, here is a great guide you can use to find a great photographer.

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She Said YES! Surprise Proposal by Paris Photographer Daniel

A special story today! We’re sharing the romantic story of Tanya & Miguel. Miguel just organized a surprise proposal with our Paris photographer Daniel!

Here is the love story told by Tanya!

“Miguel and I, where to begin?… We’ve known each other now for 18 years. He was my high school sweet heart, but then life set us apart from each other for 15 long years and finally reunited us a year ago.

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Amazing Anniversary Photo Shoot in Rome for J&J

How would you like to celebrate your 10-Year anniversary in Rome? What if on top of that it was captured beautifully by a photographer in Rome? Sounds great? Read J&J’s story!

Joy & Justin came all the way from Texas, USA to Rome, Italy for their 10 year anniversary. Such a trip is incredible and that is exactly why J&J decided to book Andrea Cofano, a photographer in Rome to capture beautifully their memories while they are in Rome.

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S&C’s Romantic Eiffel Tower Photo Shoot shot by Paris photographer Daniel

Who’s never dreamed of leaving everything at home, taking a flight to just spend a few days with the love of their life in Paris?! Sonia & Calvin did just that and had the brilliant idea to have an Eiffel Tower photo shoot with Paris photographer Daniel!

Sonia & Calvin spent a few days in Paris and decided to book a photo shoot in Paris at the Eiffel Tower with Paris photographer Daniel Cojocaru. Sonia shares with us their love story and a few pictures! Dream on!

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A Photo shoot in Prague to celebrate 20th anniversary

What better way to celebrate 20 years together than with a photo shoot in Prague?

Celebrating their 20-year anniversary, Jerry & Amy decided to go on a trip to Europe. This was the perfect opportunity for an anniversary photo shoot in Prague. Amy & Jerry decided to find a photographer in Prague to capture this amazing moment and thanks to KYMA they booked Prague photographer Raifa. Raifa shares with us the photo shoot:

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Photographer in Athens Captures Surprise Proposal

It all started as a normal day for Megan & Uriah but what would happen next on the Acropolis of Athens would be written forever in their unique story…

Athens Photographer Vassilis Adamopoulos captured the surprise proposal of Megan & Uriah in Athens during a photo shoot. He tells the story:

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Jaime Neto, Photographer Of The Month in Porto, Portugal | May 2017

May has arrived and summer is almost there! We’re taking you South to Porto, Portugal for an interview with Jaime Neto.

Jaime Neto is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Porto, Portugal. Today Jaime shares with us his world of photography. Read the interview.

Jaime, what is the one thing you wish everyone knew about you but (almost) no one does?

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