Photographer in Athens Captures Surprise Proposal

It all started as a normal day for Megan & Uriah but what would happen next on the Acropolis of Athens would be written forever in their unique story…

Athens Photographer Vassilis Adamopoulos captured the surprise proposal of Megan & Uriah in Athens during a photo shoot. He tells the story:

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Why You Should Get A Photoshoot In Santorini

If you’re planning on traveling to Santorini, Greece, the one thing you will regret after it is over, no matter how hard you try, is not being able to take more and/or better quality pictures.

The island is literally a non-stop pleasure cruise for the senses.  It’s just not fair to expect yourself or those who are accompanying you to be able to faithfully capture the beauty of Santorini without a professional eye.

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