How You are making the world a better place by booking your photographer on KYMA

kyma gives to charity on each photographer booking

KYMA believes in making the world a better place for all of us. Booking your photographer on KYMA contributes to making it.

From the moment we founded KYMA it was clear that we wanted to create real value to the people searching for a photographer by building the best platform to find and book a photographer around the world. This mindset of creating value for people and for photographers (by bringing them new clients) was also accompanied by a strong desire to help foundations that are working on solving big problems around the world.

At KYMA we decided to pledge 1% of each booking price to charity. Which means, every time you book a photographer on KYMA 1% of what you paid goes to charity.

Innovations should not be driven by short term profit vision but by a long term vision for the world as a whole and not as an individual. We decided to support two foundations that are doing amazing things around the world.

Who do we support?


Think of a big, very BIG, problem and solve it. Most of the innovation around the world is funded by companies driven by profit. It is very unlikely that any company will drop millions of dollars in a project that has no return on investment. XPRIZE creates incentives for teams from around the world (from the friends in their garage to the R&D labs, anyone can participate) to find the best solutions to big problems no one has solved yet. How? By rewarding the best tean with a 2, 5 or 10+ Million dollar prize. Check their website for more info, what they do is incredible. From new learning solutions to empower children and communities around the world to helping heal our oceans, prizes are very diverse and truly innovative.


Think micro loans, all around the world for anyone needing it. From a farmer in Africa in need of $50 for gas to a woman trying to improve access to clean water in her Indonesian village, KIVA makes it easy to help those people around the world to achieve their dreams. Oh, and the numbers as amazing, 98.34% repayment rate! More than 800 Million Dollars already lend thanks to them!

KYMA gives back to KIVA

We hope you like the philosophy too!

Be part of the change, book your photographer on KYMA!