Avoiding FAKE Reviews for Photographers

avoiding fake reviews for photographers

Wondering why you get an email after a photoshoot asking you to review your photographer?

Living in a day and age of the digitalisation of things, we give more and more importance to what we read online. Online reviews act as a word of mouth referral, they help other users find more about what a photographer is like to work with, what was great working with him and what was bad.

Reviews helps build trust in one’s services. Now with websites like Yelp, Google/Facebook Reviews etc… you are able to access an incredible amount of feedbacks from people. In theory those sites have an amazing concept but in practice they opened the door to fake reviews left by either the competition or by the owner himself paying to get positive reviews. Remember that article done by a journalist about how she created a fake business and bought its online reputation?
Well that’s something we don’t want to see happen at KYMA with our photographers. We decided from the beginning that for a review to be displayed there must be a validated booking made on KYMA. It would hurt the photographers joining who already had reviews on other platforms but in the long run it is worth it.

Forcing only verified users who booked via KYMA to leave a review to the photographer helps keep the trust and safety at its highest level. You won’t see any paid reviews or fake ones – what you read comes from the photographer’s past clients.

That being said, for our amazing photographers to have reviews, we need to get the client to leave the review. About a week or two after the photoshoot we will send the client an email asking to rate the photographer. We understand everyone is super busy so we’ll send a nice reminder from time to time if it hasn’t been done it yet.

Sharing with others your photoshoot experience not only helps other clients book the right photographer but also helps the photographer grow his business.

Reading this and forgot to review your photographer? Do it now from your dashboard.