Why we made the photographers on-boarding process a fun experience

Wondering why there was this little robot taking you through each steps of creating your photographer profile ?

Personally, filling forms drive me crazy, I think it’s boring and overwhelming. If there is one thing that we don’t want KYMA to be is a hassle!

After discussions with several people and our experience from the beta version of KYMA, we realised our sign up process for photographers sucked. After some research on making it better, we stumbled upon two things:

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How to plan your proposal in Paris with a photographer

How to plan your proposal in Paris with a photographer. When you are not from Paris this can sound a bit frightening, but fear not, here are a few tips.

Proposal Photographer in Paris
Photography by Catherine O’hara

“My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me”
Winston S. Churchill

The essentials before you start planning:

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What you are doing WRONG in your Paris photographer search

Your Paris photographer search should be a simple and enjoyable experience.

Whether you are currently living in Paris or just stopping by for a few days to discover the beauty of the city and maybe spend some quality time with your loved one(s), finding your photographer in Paris can be difficult.

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Who is KYBOT ?

– Kai-who? 
– Kybot

kybot - robot for kyma

Let’s introduce KYBOT.
Kybot is a friendly robot created by our overworked crazy brains while developing KYMA – his purpose is to help you on KYMA. I don’t know about you but personally, as a photographer, entrepreneur and geek I receive tons of emails per day and most of them are very impersonal and boring. We thought the best way to make transactional emails (basically any emails not rewritten by a human at the time it is being sent – read more here) a bit more human-friendly would be to give it a face & its own voice. That’s what we did – hello Kybot !

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KYMA’s Instagram account inspires your with the best photographers

Looking for inspiring photographers & beautiful artwork to get inspire to master your art?

KYMA’s Instagram account inspires you with the best photographers. We have created account to feature the best photographers we can find. We look for the best photographs we can find and share the inspiring work. As an Instagram user, look you can tag #inspireKYMA in your photos for a change to get featured. Follow @kyma_inspire

Enjoy a few of the gems we found so far in Portraits & Lanscapes:

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Why KYMA is getting a makeup lift

Hi there,

Yes, KYMA is about to change its design for good. The first version was far from perfect or beautiful, it was more practical than anything else. KYMA displays the amazing work of photographers around the world to help them book new clients. For us, the KYMA team, it felt like it was time to give the photographers what they deserved: a beautiful photographer profile page and nothing less.  After a tedious search of the perfect designers to help us honour our photographer’s work we decided to team up with Airnauts design team. Sebastian has done a great work at capturing the essence of KYMA and translating it into a beautiful visual experience.

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Hello KYMA


Welcome to the blog of KYMA 

Let’s take this journey together,

A journey into the world of finding the perfect photographer for you,

A journey into the world of finding the best clients for our photographers,

A journey into the world of creating value for all of you!


This blog has been sitting in the closet for a while but it has now decided to come out for 2016 !