5 tips for choosing your wedding photographer

5 tips for finding the best wedding photographer

How to choose your wedding photographer? We put together 5 tips from both clients and photographers for choosing your wedding photographer.

Let’s face it, choosing your wedding photographer is a huge decision – a decision that will ultimately impact how your remember your special day. Without a clear focus, you might actually go crazy over the process.

We worked with both clients and wedding photographers to give you 5 tips to selecting the best photographer for your wedding.

Know Your Style

5 tips for finding the best wedding photographer
Photography by Rafa Castano, photographer in Almeria, Spain

Everyone is unique and so is every wedding. The first step is for you to define your wedding style. What theme are you going for? Vintage, Rustic Chic, Classic Romance, Ethnic or Beach wedding theme?

Evaluate each photographer’s work based on your selected theme or style. Forget about prices for a minute and start short listing photographers who will match the ambiance you are trying to create. You will quickly realise that each (wedding) photographer has his own style and great photographers are very consistent with it.

Know Your Budget

5 tips for finding the best wedding photographer
Photography by Kostis Mouselimis, photographer in Ionian, Greece

What about the budget!? Depending on where in the world your wedding will take place, prices can vary a lot. It is important for you to set a budget range that will help you short list photographers. Remember not every photographer is equal and in most cases the better the photographer the more expensive. One of our interviewed clients explained that photography was a very important component of her wedding. She adjusted her budget in order to afford a great photographer while saving on other aspects.

Know Where To Look

5 tips for finding the best wedding photographer
Photography by Louis David, photographer in New York City

If you Google “wedding photographer” there is a big chance that you will drown quickly under all the search results. Some specialised sites will list photographers available in a city giving an easy access to photographer’s work. Not all websites with listings are equal, some are specialized in photography, others not. A very few number of websites will actually allow you to save your favorite wedding photographers and directly book online when ready while providing security and trust for payments (very useful for destination weddings!).

That’s for the online part, now offline! Another client tip was to go to the bridal shows. Brides are able to discuss and review the photographer’s work in-person. This helps you get a small glimpse into the photographer’s working style and see if they are a good fit.

Match Skill To Venue

5 tips for finding the best wedding photographer
Photography by Konstantin Koreshkov, photographer in Rome, Italy

Look for a wedding photographer that has experience with the type of venue you choose. Having a photographer who is familiar with the location where you are getting married can significantly add to your wedding day. The photographer will know where to go for the best shots. On the other hand a photographer told us that for him going to a new venue sparkles more creativity. So make sure you don’t hire a photographer whose experience is limited to small intimate outdoor weddings if you are getting married inside with a lot of guests.

Involve Your Other Half

5 tips for finding the best wedding photographer
Photography by Jere Satamo, photographer in Turku, Finland

You read that one correctly! Involve your other half. Do not choose the photographer on your own. If you enjoy doing the research more than your other half, simply present to them a short list after which you can decide together. If you can, the two of you should meet your photographer in person. This will help determine if the photographer will bring the best out of both of you or make one of you inconfortable in front of the camera. Communication with your wedding photographer is key!

Last words

Last but not least we wanted to highlight a few extra things you should pay attention to. We will dig deeper in future post but for now remember this: make sure the delivery time for your images is in the contract (or displayed if booking online). Most photographers deliver in 2 to 6 weeks – be careful because you don’t want your wedding pictures 4 months later! Other important things to pay attention to in the contract include: duration of coverage (calculate and allow an extra hour from your original planing) and deliverables (albums, digitals etc… everyone is different).

Hope that helps!
Enjoy your wedding photographer’s search!

5 Tips Finging The Best Wedding Photographer