5 Places For The Perfect Photoshoot in Rome (Number 2 Is Our Favourite)

Photoshoot Rome Fabio Schiazza Terrazza Caffarelli 2

What are the 5 best places for a photoshoot in Rome?
Our local photographer Fabio Schiazza shares his insight on the best places for a photoshoot in Rome, Italy.

Fabio, what places would you recommend to people coming to Rome who want to work with a local photographer in Rome to capture their memories?

The ancient city offers a lot of fantastic places for a photoshoot in Rome. I usually propose five itineraries that each include amazing view points. Each one can be covered in 1,5 to 3hours.

1. Castel S. Angelo – Via della Conciliation – S. Pietro.


Photoshoot Rome Fabio Schiazza Castel S. Angelo
Photography by Fabio Schiazza

Rome’s iconic landmarks, incredible buildings and beautiful landscapes by the river is what those places reserve to you.
Best time to shoot: very early morning / sunrise. The sun position and the absence of people make a sunrise photo shoot in Rome perfect.

2. Campidoglio – Terrazzo Caffarelli – Fori Imperiali.

Photoshoot Rome Fabio Schiazza Fori Imperiali 2
Photography by Fabio Schiazza

This itinerary is great to enjoy historical buildings like the Hall of Rome and “Lupa Capitoline but also admire the view of Rome’s roofs and Fori Imperiali, all within walking distance.
Best time to shoot: the best time for this Rome photo shoot is very early in the morning if you prefer the Fori Imperiali side, or in the late afternoon if you prefer the roofs of Rome from Terrazzo Caffarelli.

3. Giardino deli Aranci – Santa Sabina’s portico.

Photoshoot Rome Fabio Schiazza Fori Imperiali 2
Photography by Fabio Schiazza

This Rome photo shoot route is as intimate and romantic as seen in “La Grande Bellezza”. An enjoyable stroll trough the garden, the fantastic view on the city from the terraces and the inside of the historical portico will be delights for your eyes and your Rome photographer’s creativity.
Best time to shoot: Middle of the afternoon/evening, about 1 hour before the sunset. Except amazing rays of light in the portico. The terrace will offer a great landscape for the blue hour (just at dawn).

4. Trastevere – Lungotevere – Isola Tiberina.

Photoshoot Rome Fabio Schiazza Lungotevere 1
Photography by Fabio Schiazza

Picture lovely ancient tiny streets, little shops, ivy on the walls, the river and beautiful buildings.
Best time to shoot: Middle afternoon, when the crowd is around, giving a magical atmosphere to the tiny streets

5. Spanish Steps – Fontana di Trevi – Quirinale.

Photoshoot Rome Fabio Schiazza
Photography by Fabio Schiazza

Expect iconic buildings, fantastic streets and lovely places. Those places change throughout the day and each hour has his own charm.
Best time to shoot: At 6am it is empty from the crowd and provides greats views for the best photo shoot in Rome. From 8am to 11pm it is crowded but offers the opportunity to shoot fantastic street photography. In the evening, the dark blue sky contrasting with the city’s light and the few people walking around provide a romantic atmosphere.

We would like to thank Fabio for sharing his local insight on Rome. For those interested in having Fabio capture their memories while in Rome, head over to his KYMA profile to discover what’s possible. Fabio is a photographer in Rome.

5 best places for a photoshoot in Rome

5 Best Places for a photoshoot in Rome