The 5 Best Places for a Photo Shoot in Paris

paris photoshoot at trocadero in front of eiffel tower

Going to Paris soon & planning a photoshoot there? Awesome! Discover the 5 Best places for a photo shoot in Paris.

Our local Parisian photographers have put together a list of the 5 best places for a photo shoot in Paris with details on what to expect for each one of them and when to go. Enjoy!

    1. The Eiffel Tower / Trocadero

      paris photoshoot at trocadero in front of eiffel tower
      Photography by Jacques Mateos

      The Trocadero area gives you the best view over the Eiffel Tower. Nothing is in its way and you can capture it from top to bottom. The pictures you will create there are very classic/iconic. For anyone not living in Paris it’s a must have shot. [update: still the #1 spot! don’t miss it]

      Best time to shoot: Sunrise. Want that gorgeous shot of you and the Eiffel Tower? Wake up early! It’s one of the most touristic place in Paris. Get there just in time for Sunrise. Your Paris photographer will know what to do from there.
      Insider’s tips: If you can’t wake up early enough avoid the Trocadero and go along the Seine river banks the view is great too and you won’t be fighting with the thousands of tourists for a spot.
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    2. Place de la Concorde

      paris engagement photo session place de la concorde
      The amazing “place de la Concorde” offers an incredible choice of backgrounds: the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysée, the National Assembly, the Madeleine or the “jardin des Tuileries” (Tuileries garden). Pick you favorite and capture your memories in Paris!

      Best time to shoot: Sunrise before 7am. The place will be empty as the sun starts hitting the building and the place.
      Insider’s tips: Get there before anyone else, big buses will start dropping tourists around 8am and block the best views. As soon as you are done on the place head over to the “jardin des Tuileries” heading towards le Louvre museum. The parc is gorgeous and offers a nice transition in mood for your photo session.
      Location on a map:

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  1. Alexander III bridge

    Best Photoshoot in Paris Alexander 3 bridge couples
    Photography by Ian Holmes

    Iconic landmark of Paris, the Alexander III bridge is a deck arch bridge that spans over the river Seine. The bridge itself is perfect for a photo shoot in Paris, the old lamps and beautiful statues decorating it will leave you speechless while your photographer captures your memories in Paris. Oh and of course you get an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower.

    Best time to shoot: Sunset. The sun will set in the West by the Eiffel tower offering a great sky to capture.
    Insider’s tips: Don’t just shoot on the bridge, go down on the quay side and enjoy the stroll. If your photographer is up for a night shoot in Paris, the bridge is illuminated with old lamp poles which will create a perfect “midnight in Paris” ambiance.
    Location on a map:

  2. Notre Dame / Île DE LA CITé

    best photo shoot paris notre dame couple The cathedral of Notre Dame is located on a small island on the Seine river called “Île de la cité”. It is the heart of Paris. The area is great for a photo session in Paris as it will give you different sceneries all in a very short walking-distance. The main front area of the cathedral itself can be an interesting view to get but the best is to go on the quay side and the bridges up the river.

    Best time to shoot: Sunrise. Reason? It gets crowded. Afternoon/Sunset is also an option if you walk away from the main area.
    Insider’s tips: Go two bridges up the river to get a good view of the Cathedral and find less tourists.
    Location on a map:

  3. Bir Hakeim Bridge

    bir hakeim bridge paris photo shoot
    Beautiful two level column bridge 5-10mn walk from the Eiffel Tower itself. On top of having a great view on the Eiffel Tower the Bir Hakeim bridge is magical. It is made of column which offers your Paris photographer very interesting perspectives to create art with.

    Best time to shoot: 1-2h before sunset. Yes it might get busier but the light will be better for capturing the scenery with the Eiffel Tower in the background.
    Insider’s tips: The bridge is blessing when it rains thanks to the second deck that protects you from the rain.
    Location on a map:

Those are the “best” locations for a couple photo shoot in Paris or a family one while travelling. If you live in Paris you might want an area a little more personal to your Parisian experience.

Bonus locations recommended: Le Louvre museum (Sunset), Montmartre, the inside “passages” (galleries), Pont de Arts and any cute Parisian café.

When booking your photo shoot in Paris, professional photographers will propose packages with different shooting time. As a rule of thumb expect spending one hour per location to cover it decently. Take your time, enjoy and don’t rush your photo shoot just for the sake of covering as many landmarks as possible.

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best places for a photoshoot in paris

5 best places for a photo shoot in Paris