3 Tips For Choosing The Best Location For Your Photoshoot

Top 3 Tips To Find the best photoshoot location

What location should you pick for your photoshoot? Whether you’re on a romantic or family photoshoot, this is an excellent question since the location can make or break your images.

A great photographer can work in any environment given and create beautiful artwork. That being said for your photoshoot, you usually want to have the personality of your loved ones and yours to shine through the images.

Here are a few tips we gathered from photographers and our personal experience over the years:

1- Be Familiar with the spot

photoshoot in rome with Andrea Cofano, photographer in Rome
Photography by Andrea Cofano

Being in front of camera is not natural for most of us and takes a bit to get used to. Your photographer is here to do his best to make you feel comfortable and have the natural you come out during the photoshoot. Picking a location you are familiar with for your photoshoot can help tremendously in the process of becoming a natural model in front of the lens. Knowing your surroundings will help you feel at ease and less awkward.

2- Avoid crowds

Photography by Julieta Belmont, photographer in Cancun, Mexico
Photography by Julieta Belmont, photographer in Cancun, Mexico

The first few minutes of the photoshoot are focused on making you comfortable. If you are not a natural in front of the lens, don’t pick the most crowded place first. Find that cute and empty spot far from the thousands of eyes until you are confident enough to be the center of attention.
If you really want a specific spot like the Eiffel Tower, Piazza San Marco, Time Square… pick a time when no one will be around. Not only will it feel better because no one is watching but you will also have a better view and thus better pictures! For example, in Paris, the Eiffel Tower at 1pm is a very bad idea BUT at 6am it is perfect (read our 5 best places for a photoshoot in Paris)!

3- Make It Unique

paris photoshoot at trocadero in front of eiffel tower
Photography by Jacques Mateos, photographer in Paris

Making it unique can either mean picking a unique location where no one has ever been before, or bringing your personal touch to it. For example if you’re in a very touristic area, bring props that will make it yours! If you’re living where the photoshoot happens, find that unique place your that no one ever goes to – for example a specific roof in Paris or a beautiful view point in the mountain no one ever goes to. Take your photographer there and let the magic happen!

To wrap this up remember one thing, you have to feel great to get great pictures of you. Which means make sure the location is appropriate for your personality.

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